Rittal IT Monitoring: Elevate Efficiency in Your Data Centre Operations

01 February 2024

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Businesses today rely on data centres to support their critical operations. As the demand for seamless connectivity, robust security, and efficient data processing continues to grow, they turn to advanced technologies to optimise their data centre operations.

One of the key players in providing the needed optimisations for businesses is Rittal. The company stands out with its state-of-the-art IT monitoring solutions and other related systems, offering a pathway to elevate the efficiency and ensure the reliability of data centre environments.

Functions of Rittal IT Monitoring

Since the foundation of Rittal in 1961, the company has strived to offer excellent solutions that can optimise data centre operations. One key innovation that the company has produced is the first standard closure for IT systems. More product lines have been and are being developed by Rittal to ensure businesses will remain efficient, safe, and secure.

Aside from enclosures, Rittal also offers IT monitoring solutions to carry out the following:

•  Power Monitoring – Rittal knows the significance of power efficiency in data centres. The IT monitoring solutions encompass power usage monitoring, allowing organisations to analyse and optimise energy consumption.

•  Access Monitoring – Security is very important in data centre operations. Rittal’s IT monitoring solutions include access monitoring features, tracking and recording physical access to server racks and critical infrastructure. This functionality enhances security protocols and aids in compliance with regulatory standards.

•  Comprehensive Environmental Monitoring – Beyond traditional performance metrics, Rittal IT monitoring extends to environmental factors crucial for data centre health. Temperature, humidity, and airflow are meticulously tracked, ensuring optimal conditions for sensitive equipment and preventing potential hardware failures due to environmental fluctuations.

•  Real-Time Insights – Rittal’s IT monitoring solutions provide real-time insights into the performance and health of your data centre infrastructure. Proactive monitoring allows IT teams to identify potential issues before they escalate, enabling swift interventions and minimising downtime.

•  IT Management System Integration – Rittal’s IT monitoring seamlessly integrates with existing IT management systems, providing a cohesive view of the entire data centre environment. This integration capability streamlines operations, reduces complexity and enhances the overall efficiency of data centre management.

Key Rittal IT Monitoring Offerings

One particular IT monitoring solution that Rittal offers is the CMC III. The Computer Multi Control or CMC monitoring system from Rittal has established itself to be a permanent feature of physical IT security. Maximising this solution provides modern IT infrastructures with the capability to operate securely while maintaining optimum performance.

One of the key parts of CMC III is the Processing Unit. The Processing Unit serves as the central unit of the CMC III monitoring system. It can be connected with up to 32/16 external sensors / CAN bus connection units, which are then connected to the data network via Ethernet and configured using Web/USB. As for control units, the CMC III can be integrated with up to eight digital inputs and control of up to four relays. Power units can likewise be connected to measure current/energy.

Other CMC III components available are sensors, access systems, automatic door opening mechanisms, power supply, redundant alarm channels, and accessories.

With a comprehensive suite of monitoring tools, scalability for future growth, and a commitment to innovation, Rittal empowers businesses to proactively manage their data centre environments. Contact Complete System Automation today to gain access to Rittal IT monitoring offerings.

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