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Phoenix Contact

Phoenix Contact is a global market leader and innovator in the field of electrical engineering connection and automation technology. A broad range of products are available to cover your needs in electrical termination, signal interfacing, control cabinet power supply, marking, labelling and hand tools, with accessories to suit.

Whether your business is assembling control cabinets, performing field installation or in manufacturing OEM devices, Phoenix Contact have a comprehensive range of components and systems to suit any application.

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Terminal Blocks
Monitoring Relays and Current Relays
Power Supplies
Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
Hand Tools
Sensor Actuator Cabling and Connectors
Marking Systems, Tools and Mounting Material
Interface Technology for Safe Power Supply 
Devices Circuit Breakers
Charging Technology For Electromobility
Terminal Blocks and PCB Connectors
Speed Starters


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