Phoenix Contact Device Circuit Breakers: Ensure Maximum Equipment Protection

06 March 2024

Phoenix Contact

Explore Phoenix Contact device circuit breakers for maximum equipment protection. Available at CSA, learn how they protect your devices from electrical faults.

Phoenix Contact offers a wide range of components to optimise industrial plant operations. One of them is device circuit breakers. They provide crucial protection against overcurrent and electrical faults in electrical systems. These breakers play a key role in safeguarding sensitive electronic devices and equipment from damage due to overload or short circuits.

Device Circuit Breakers for Equipment Protection

Electrical equipment and devices are susceptible to damage from overcurrent, short circuits, and electrical faults. Without adequate protection, they can lead to equipment failure, downtime, and costly repairs or replacements. To quickly detect and interrupt overcurrent, these devices must be integrated with device circuit breakers. Once they are installed, they can easily prevent damage to connected devices and equipment as they interrupt the flow of current in the event of an overcurrent condition.

Invest in Phoenix Contact Device Circuit Breakers

Phoenix Contact offers a comprehensive range of device circuit breakers designed for different voltage and current ratings, ensuring compatibility with various electrical systems and applications.

Some notable features and benefits of Phoenix Contact device circuit breakers are as follows.

•  High Performance: Phoenix Contact device circuit breakers are designed for high performance and reliability, with fast response times and precise tripping characteristics to ensure effective protection against overcurrent.

•  Compact Design: The compact and space-saving design of Phoenix Contact device circuit breakers makes them ideal for use in confined spaces or panel installations where space is limited, without compromising on performance or functionality.

•  Reliability and Longevity: Phoenix Contact device circuit breakers are built to withstand the rigours of industrial environments, with durable construction and robust components that guarantee reliable operation and long service life.

•  Wide Range of Ratings: Phoenix Contact offers device circuit breakers with a wide range of voltage and current ratings to suit different applications and electrical systems, which helps provide flexibility and versatility in equipment protection.

•  Easy Upkeep: Phoenix Contact device circuit breakers are designed for easy installation and maintenance, with convenient features such as tool-free wiring terminals and clear labelling for quick identification and troubleshooting.

All features of Phoenix Contact device circuit breakers make them useful in a lot of industries and sectors. They include industrial automation, power distribution, renewable energy, transportation, telecommunications, and building automation.

Phoenix Contact Device Circuit Breakers at CSA

At Complete System Automation, we offer different types of Phoenix Contact device circuit breakers. They include electronic circuit breakers, thermal circuit breakers, and thermomagnetic circuit breakers.

The electronic circuit breakers maximise intelligent analysis and signalling of faults, making them useful for protecting your system components and switched-mode power supply units against failure. Thermal circuit breakers, alternatively, offer optimum protection against overload of power distribution systems thanks to their SFB tripping characteristic. Ultimately, thermomagnetic circuit breakers maximise a thermal tripping mechanism and a magnetic tripping mechanism to offer ideal protection against overload and short-circuit currents.

Phoenix Contact device circuit breakers are essential components for ensuring maximum equipment protection in electrical systems. With all their previously stated features, these breakers provide effective protection against overcurrent and electrical faults in diverse applications.

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