Hybrid Motor Starters from Phoenix Contact: Benefits in Smart Industrial Applications

16 November 2023

hybrid motor starters

Discover how hybrid motor starters from Phoenix Contact bring benefits to smart industrial applications. Available at CSA, learn the ways they improve control.

Efficiency, precision, and control are all significant in today’s fast-paced industrial landscape. However, reputable manufacturers of system components can now ensure safe and efficient operations of industrial systems without any issues. One of the manufacturers is Phoenix Contact.

Phoenix Contact offers a wide array of components that can help equipment pieces and tools function well. Their hybrid motor starters, for instance, represent a cutting-edge solution for enhancing motor control in smart industrial applications. Now, if you will be integrating them into your smart industrial systems, here are some benefits you can expect from them.

Advanced Motor Control

Phoenix Contact’s hybrid motor starters combine the advantages of both traditional contactors and solid-state devices. This combination results in precise and efficient motor control, reducing wear and tear on mechanical components and extending motor lifespan.

And since they are integrated with smart diagnostics and real-time monitoring capabilities, proactive maintenance becomes possible. Phoenix Contact’s hybrid motor starters provide insights into motor performance, enabling timely interventions and minimising unplanned downtime.

Enhanced Energy Savings

The hybrid design of these motor starters enables soft starting and stopping, reducing inrush currents and energy spikes. This quality not only lowers energy consumption but also enhances the overall energy efficiency of industrial processes.

Space-Saving Design

These motor starters are compact and require less panel space compared to traditional motor starters and contactors. This space-saving design is valuable in modern industrial environments with limited room for control equipment.

Improved Integration

Phoenix Contact’s hybrid motor starters can seamlessly integrate with industrial automation networks thanks to their flexible and straightforward fieldbus connection, enabling remote monitoring and control. This level of connectivity enhances the overall flexibility and scalability of industrial operations.

Additionally, they can fit with Industry 4.0, wherein data-driven decision-making is crucial. These hybrid motor starters can provide valuable data that can be leveraged for predictive maintenance and process optimisation. These motor starters can even work in conjunction with variable frequency drives or VFDs, enabling precise control of motor speed and torque.

Ensured System Safety

Safety is a top priority in industrial settings. These motor starters utilise advanced safety features, to ensure the protection of both equipment and personnel. One of these features is the adjustable motor protection with bimetal function up to 9A. Another one is the easy group shutdown via DIN rail connectors after an emergency stop with an upstream safety relay.

Easy Installation and Configuration

Phoenix Contact’s hybrid motor starters are designed for easy installation and configuration. Intuitive interfaces and user-friendly software simplify the setup process, reducing installation time and costs. They also allow for fast wiring thanks to integrated locking circuits and load wiring.

Now, whether you are operating a small-scale facility or a large industrial complex, Phoenix Contact’s hybrid motor starters offer scalability. You can adapt and expand your motor control system to meet evolving production needs without any compromises.

Phoenix Contact’s hybrid motor starters represent a significant advancement in motor control technology, offering a wide range of benefits for smart industrial applications. Available at Complete System Automation, these motor starters empower industrial operations to achieve greater efficiency, control, and competitiveness in today’s dynamic manufacturing landscape.

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