Festo Guided Cylinders and How They Optimise Industrial Processes

19 February 2024

Festo Guided Cylinders

Optimise your industrial processes with Festo guided cylinders. Available at CSA, explore their long-lasting impact on industrial efficiency. Call 02 9896 0096.

Industrial automation depends heavily on components to ensure key processes in industrial buildings can be done successfully. Among the innovative components that can contribute to this requirement are the Festo guided cylinders.

These mechanical marvels play a vital role in optimising a wide range of industrial processes, aligning with the ever-changing demands of modern manufacturing. At CSA, we offer these products to effectively optimise industrial operations.

A Quick Look at Festo Guided Cylinders

Festo is a family-owned company dedicated to designing and producing innovative solutions that can be helpful to a wide range of industries. They aim to be at the forefront of courage and adaptability, allowing them to handle the constantly changing demands and requirements in the industrial market.

One of the innovations they have generated is the guided cylinders. These are pneumatic drives that combine the benefits of linear movement with those of guided motion without compromising stability.

Primary Types of Festo Guided Cylinders

To date, Festo offers two product categories: slide drives (pneumatic slides) and drives with guide rods (twin-piston, guided, compact, or mini guided cylinders).

1. Slide Drives

Slide drives are comprised of one or two piston rods and a guide rail, which can be found in the slide housing through recirculating ball bearing elements or cage guides. Their composition allows them to achieve high precision and repetition accuracy. They then feature an especially compact design and can come in several sizes with varying mounting and cushioning options.

The variations of slide drives provide optimal cycle times and minimise the transfer of vibrations to the equipment. They can achieve a repetition accuracy of 0.01 mm, making them useful for a gantry. They can also be combined in gripping and feeding or piggyback configurations.

2. Drives with Guide Rods

Drives with guide rods, alternatively, are connected to a yoke plate, which shields them against rotation and makes them resilient and sturdy. Similar to slide drives, they also come in varying sizes and versions. They can, however, hold different types of tools. They can also achieve stroke lengths of up to 400 mm as well as produce large positioning forces when necessary.

Guided cylinders with guide rods are useful in industrial processes like lifting, pressing, pulling, pushing, clamping, stopping, holding, cutting, separating, and many more.

Guided Cylinders in Industrial Processes

When adding Festo guided cylinders to your industrial processes, a lot of things can be expected.

First, the precision guidance in Festo offerings ensures that the actuator moves with minimal deviation from the desired path. This enhanced accuracy is highly beneficial in tasks where precise positioning is vital. Second, Festo guided cylinders’ working principles can ensure material handling systems can carry out controlled and predictable motion. Other notable benefits of maximising Festo guided cylinders include increased throughput in assembly lines and reduced wear and tear.

We, at CSA, offer Festo guided cylinders to help optimise industrial processes through precision and adaptability. The impact of Festo guided cylinders resonates across diverse sectors, shaping the future of industrial automation in Australia.

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