Air Service Units in Industrial Automation: Use Festo in Improving System Control

05 October 2023

Festo air service units

Improve system control in industrial automation with Festo air service units. Available at CSA, know how they improve equipment performance. Call 02 9896 0096.

The industrial automation realm relies heavily on precise control over air supply and distribution to achieve efficient and reliable manufacturing processes. One of the components that can achieve this is air service units. These units, also known as air preparation units, play a significant role in optimising system control and enhancing the overall performance of pneumatic systems.

Primary Components of Air Service Units

Many air service or air preparation units that are commonly used today come from Festo. This company is known as a leading global provider of automation technology solutions that can be useful for factory automation, process automation, and industrial training. Festo air service units have been integrated with the following components to make them efficient, reliable, and productive in a variety of industries.

• Filter: The first component in these units is the filter. It helps remove contaminants from the compressed air like dust, dirt, water droplets, and other particles by trapping them. Without removing these contaminants, they can easily damage pneumatic components, reduce system efficiency, and cause malfunctions.

• Regulator: The second component is the regulator. It is intended to control the air pressure in the pneumatic system by adjusting the pressure of the incoming compressed air to a desired level. The pressure can be adjusted manually using a knob or controlled electronically. Maintaining a constant and appropriate air pressure is essential for precise control of pneumatic actuators and valves.

• Lubricator: Some pneumatic systems maximise moving parts that require lubrication. Hence, they are integrated with an optional lubricator. It functions by injecting a controlled amount of oil mist into the compressed air stream, which then travels downstream to lubricate moving components. Proper lubrication reduces friction and wear of components.

• Air Outlet: After passing through the filter, regulator, and lubricator (if present), the clean, regulated, and optionally lubricated compressed air is directed to the downstream pneumatic components. These components include pneumatic actuators, cylinders, valves, and other devices often maximised in industrial automation.

• Exhaust: The air service units likewise include an exhaust mechanism to release excess or used air. It ensures that any pressure build-up beyond the set level in the regulator is safely released, preventing damage to the system and maintaining stable operation.

Air Service Units and Industrial Automation

Pneumatic systems utilise compressed air to power actuators, control valves, and other components in various manufacturing processes. Through Festo air service units, these systems can attain a reliable supply of compressed air, making them useful in industrial automation.

The integration of Festo air service units helps prevent disruptions and downtime caused by clogged or damaged pneumatic components. This benefit ensures continuous and efficient operation of the manufacturing process. Additionally, Festo air service units help achieve proper air filtration and lubrication, minimising wear and tear on pneumatic components. It can then lead to longer service life and reduced maintenance requirements of involved systems.

More accurate and repeatable movements in automated processes can likewise be achieved through Festo air service units as they can provide consistent air pressure and lubrication over pneumatic actuators and valves. Ultimately, Festo air service units contribute to the safety and reliability of pneumatic systems, generating a controlled and predictable operating environment.

Festo air service units play a vital role in industrial automation by providing clean, regulated, and lubricated compressed air to pneumatic systems. Purchasing high-quality Festo air service units from Complete System Automation can help enhance the overall performance of your pneumatic systems, leading to more accurate and efficient automation in your industrial operation.

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